Ye Gods!
"Ye Gods! - Music forged in gargantuan pits of fire and brimstone, deep in the belly of the earth; it will tantalize anyone who likes to laugh until they feel sick, provided they are not scared by loud noises."
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Ye Gigs!

When? Where? Further info
23/Jan/2016 The Bear Inn, Weston-Super-Mare  

Xmas Extravaganza
P'head Workmans Club, Slade Road, BS20 6BW

Ye Gods! poster 19 Dec 2015

7/Nov/2015 Private Party, Clarence House, Portishead  
19/Sep/2015 Clevedon Tides Festival, The Salthouse, Clevedon On @ 16:45pm
18/Jul/2015 Portishead Workmans Club, Slade Road, BS20 6BW  
27/Jun/2015 The Bear Inn, Weston-Super-Mare  
31/Jan/2015 Winterfest, The Bristol Inn, Clevedon  
24/Jan/2015 The Triangle Club, Clevedon  
20/Dec/2014 Xmas Extravaganza, P'head Workmans Club, Slade Road, BS20 6BW  
19/Jul/2014 10th Anniversary All Day Mestival, Clarence House, Portishead  
5/Jul/2015 SS Great Britain, Bristol Private Wedding
21/Dec/2013 Xmas Extravaganza, Portishead Workmans Club, Slade Road, BS20 6BW  
22/Jun/2013 Portishead Workmans Club, Slade Road, BS20 6BW  
1/Jun/2013 SS Great Britain, Bristol Private Wedding

Ye Gods! Xmas Extravaganza IV.

Portishead Working Mens Club
Slade Road, Portishead, BS20 6BW



Rising Sun, Backwell Free entry


Justfest! Private party
Fire Engine, Redfield, Bristol. Free entry!

Ye Gods! Xmas Extravaganza III.

With Special Guests: The Gimp, The Santa Bull, The Black Knight, The Tank Commander & The Phantom!

Portishead Working Mens Club
Slade Road, Portishead, BS20 6BW
Ye Gods! on stage at 9pm.

Price TBC.
9/Sep/2011 Fire Engine, Redfield, Bristol. Free entry.
Donations to raise money for Redfield Music Festival.
9/April/2011 Portishead Working Mens Club.  


Ye Gods! Xmas Extravaganza II.

Support: Coma Scale, The Stratt Williams Endurance.
Featuring: The Black Night, Santa Bull, The Gimp & The Phantom!

Portishead football club, Bristol Road, Portishead, BS20 6QG
Doors open 8pm - Click here for a map.

Tickets: £3.00
Portishead Workingmen's Club, Slade Road, Portishead, BS20 6BW - 8pm, Ye Gods! onstage at 9pm More details to follow.
The Full Moon
780 Fishponds Road, Fishponds, Bristol, BS16 3TT
08:00 PM - The Plough
High Street, Portishead, BS20 6AG - FREE!
Ye Gods! Xmas Extravaganza. Ye Gods! onstage at 9pm. A night of Christmas metal mayhem with a rumoured appearance by the mighty Phantom.
09:00 PM - The Full Moon
780 Fishponds Road, Fishponds, Bristol, BS16 3TT - FREE!
Another night of guitar licking, bass thrashing, drum trashing rock mayhem. Ye Gods! on stage at 9pm.
The Plough, High Street, Portishead, BS20 6AG. It's FREE! Onstage at 9pm. Bar open until midnight. It's FREE!
Video shoot - Eyelights studio, Portishead  
Video shoot - Yate & Battery Point  

Brothers MRC Bike Show at 1pm on Saturday 6th June at The Riverside Inn, The Shallows, Saltford, Bristol, BS31 3EZ:

The show starts about 11am. Ye Gods! are on at 2pm, in the function room of the pub. There will be stalls and FREE! overnight camping for those who want to make a night of it (limited spaces, so best to get there early) and all proceeds go to the Macmillan Cancer Trust. Kids welcome. Bring your bikes. Bring your tents. Drink some booze!

You can find out more at:

It's free!
Portishead Workingmen's Club, Slade Road, Portishead, BS20 6BW - 8pm, Ye Gods! onstage at 9pm members £2, non-members £2.50 - POSTER
The Somerset Hall with Frenetica & The Hookers
7.30pm, £5, The Devil's birthday bash
For the love of money it's not free!
Danfest, The Plough, Portishead
featuring the small head of Mega Geoff
For the love of Dan it's free!
WYSIWYG rally @ The Watchfield Inn, Watchfield, Somerset.
It’s a big fat hairy bike rally. Lots of bands. Lots of booze. Lots of burgers.
More info to follow.

Another night of toga twitching, bonce banging, beer swilling until you bleed from your bottom rock nonsense. If you want to come along we need your name for the door list. YOU WON'T GET IN UNLESS YOUR NAME IS ON THE LIST unless you're a member.

Cost: £2
Joanstone's wedding anniversary bash at the Avonmouth Rugby club.
If you've been invited, be there. If not, then don't.

Ye Gods! are joining forces with Alien Stash Tin and the Poodles Of Doom for a gig at Mr Wolfs, 33 St Stevens Street, Bristol on Thursday 21st August. Doors open at 8pm. Ye Gods! will be on about 9pm. It all finishes around midnight.

£3 to get in - all going to charity.
WYSIWYG rally at The Park Centre in Knowle, Bristol.
It’s a charity biker do for all age groups. We’re the first band on, at about half past noon. It's suitable for kiddies, so bring the family and laugh at the Gods. I believe it's one of those 'on the back of a lorry' kind of events. More info coming.
It's all for charity mate!

The Kings Arms, 1 Hollywood Rd, Brislington, Bristol,

Thursday 12 th June, 8pm.

A night of Rock in one of Bristol’s finest establishments. They serve proper beer here and there’s a kebab shop over the road. What more could you want?


Saturday 15/Dec/2007 The Old Fox, Gloucester Road, Bristol (map). FREE ENTRY - WOOHOO!


Megageoff's 40th birthday bonanza at Clarence House - the metropolis of Posset. If you don't know Geoff fuck off.
Workman's club, Portishead. Another night of toga twitching, bonce banging, beer swilling until you bleed from your bottom rock nonsense. If you want to come along we need your name for the door list. YOU WON'T GET IN UNLESS YOUR NAME IS ON THE LIST unless you're a member. There are only 40 places left, so if you want to come contact us fast!
@ 10pm
The BCFM Sunday Rock Show, Any Radio in the Bristol area (93.2FM) or at Cost: FREE! The Gods spend 2 hours with mighty Jon Wisbey talking about Rock and Mullets. Now that's what I call entertainment!
@ 11:45am
Hardsell, BBC1, Any TV set, UK Cost: FREE! (except for the licence fee of course) The mighty Ye Gods! version of Dr Who is being used by the BBC on a programme called Hardsell. It’s going out on Thursday September 20th at 11.45am on BBC1. So if you want to hear some Ye Gods! Rock destroying the good name of family television, watch it!


Hells House Warming, Nailsea - sometime between 2pm and 8pm - sorry to be vague, but we can't go being all organised, now can we...

We've been invited to do Rock duty at Jill (Maiden's sister) and Shamus' house warming. With us playing it'll be less of a 'warming' and more of a 'baptism of fire', but it should be fun. If you've been invited you'll know where it is. If not, come to Nailsea at around 3pm and follow the noise and local police cars. You should find it...

Topher spent the day squirting brown porridge from both ends instead - oh the joys of food poisoning!
The Orchard, Weston Super Mare
Doors open at 8pm. £5 door entry.
Rock mayhem in a brand spanking new venue in Westons town centre.


Mad Mike Muscati's birthday rockathon, with support bands Gafftape, Comascale & The Recovered. Ye Gods! on at 10.30pm. Music until midnight. Bar open until 2am.
A mighty rock and roll drunk fest!!!
The Golden Lion 641 Fishponds Road, Fishponds, Bristol, BS16 3BA. Another night of Ye Gods! rocking their smelly togas off. Come along and drink the booze, listen to the rock and make the love (if you're a man, not to the band please). Cost: FREE!
Foxes Independence bike rally in Watchfield. More details to follow...
Louisiana, Wapping Road, Bristol (map). Supporting Ounce. YeGods! on stage at 9.30pm. Check out for more details... Tickets £5 on the door or £4 advance from BRISTOL TICKET SHOP on 01179 299008.
28/December/2006 Moles Club, 14 George Street, Bath on Thursday December 28th. This will be a night of mammoth Rock proportions, so come along and ROCK!!! Click here for a flyer.

Ye Gods! Xmas Extravaganza

Thursday 21st December is the Ye Gods! Xmas Extravaganza at the Fleece & Firkin, Saint Thomas Street, Bristol.

Opens at 8pm, support from Zed, The Buffalo Kings and Comascale. SUPERB!!! We are also rumoured to have a guest appearance from... THE PHANTOM! This promises to be SPECTACULAR!

Gig info and advance ticket orders available from

Doors open @ 8pm, first band on stage & 8:15 so get there early to get your full dose of Christmas ROCK!

£6 on door and £5 advance. Gig info and advance ticket orders available from

Click here for a flyer.

Playing with Ironically Maiden and a Metallicker cover band @ the Portishead Football Club.  


Marine Lake Festival, The Salthouse Fields, Clevedon (map). On stage at 5pm. Entry FREE!!! Click here for a flyer.

Portishead Carnival - Yes, we'll be making our way around the sprawling rock metropolis that is Portishead on the back-of-a-lorry 'a metal monster rock machine', bringing metal to the masses.

Oh yeah, we'll be lead by the infamous Black Widows motorcycle club and Philo Beddoe's orangutan Clyde! Has life really come to this...

It's free, just stand on the high street somewhere and you'll see us fall over as our driver for the day, Blandy Japseye, suddenly brakes. You can even walk along by the float and watch us fall over again & again...
The Royal Oak, West Hill, Portishead. We'll be playing in the skittle alley. Admission is FREE - Wahoo! Kick off is about 8.30pm.

A night to celebrate the visitation of Danny Muddygun from the far land of Oz. It promises to be a wonder to the ears. Support from The Recovered (Mad Mike Muscati and his hell warriors).

UPDATE: We're now on first due to Strat Williams coming down with a severe case of too much booze - the Ye Drunks! band outing on the weekend broke him! Medical intervention is now needed, does anyone know a good doctor?

It's free!
21/April/2006 Ye Gods! at The Old Fox, Gloucester Road, Bristol (map). Friday 21st April. It's a pub, come when you want. Free entry. A night of rock & roll with possible volume concerns. As the Fox has been having complaints about noise we need everyone to come along and soak the noise up with their plentiful rolls of flesh. It's free!

Louisiana, Saturday 15th April. £5 on door / £4 with flyer.
Playing with Snatch 22. Doors open 8pm. We'll be on about 9ish. Louisiana is on Wapping Road, Bristol (map).

Note: It turned out when we got to the gig that Snatch 22 were on the week before and we were headlining.

Click here for flyer (pdf)
1/February/2006 Wednesday 1st of February @ The Hatchet (map), Frogmore
Street (Opposite the Acadamy), Central Bristol. Doors
open at 8pm. £5 on the door, £4 with flyer. Supporting
local rock monsters Zed.
Click here for flyer (pdf)

Xmas / Album release gig

Supporting Osmium who are performing as the 'Sex Gods From Planet Metal' at The Full Moon, Stokes Croft, Bristol (map) on Saturday December 10th 2005.

Doors open 8pm (£4.00 on the door). Bar open until midnight. Vegetable punishing has been promised and there is talk of pyro-technics.

Click here for a PDF flyer.

Postponed - The Double Locks gig has been postponed. New date to follow when we've got one sorted.

Double Locks pub, Exeter ( map ). If you're going to drink the pubs beer and eat the pubs food there's free camping in the beer garden. We'll be playing some time in the evening, update to follow nearer the time.

For more information please contact us.
27/August/2005 Icky & Bob present: An afternoon of pig munching mayhem on Saturday 27th at 12 noon at Icky's house, Portishead. Ye Gods! on stage (if there is a stage) at 5pm.
20/August/2005 Party - all welcome! - held at The Barn at The White Lion pub, Cambridge, A38 between Whitminster & Slimbridge, Gloucestershire ( map ).
Support: Amber
There will be a small charge

1am Bar : Two Bands : Camping : Pub Grub (until 9pm) : Raffle (in aid of BRI heart monitor)
There will be a small charge

1/July/2005 Royal Oak, Portishead (map). On stage @ 8pm. Free entry. For more information please contact us.
28/May/2005 Topher & Georgie's wedding  
24/April/2005 Supporting Vic Dumonte's Idiot Prayer at the PFC. We'll be on early as it's a Sunday. For more information please contact us.
11/March/2005 Supporting John Otway
@ The Fleece & Firkin
Tickets £10 Doors open 8pm
Ye Gods! On stage at 9:15pm

Ticket Hotline 0117 929 9008
18/December/2004 PFC with Kashmir, The Addison Theory & Gafftape  
23/October/2004 PFC supporting Ironically Maiden  
02/October/2004 DATM & Nadine's wedding  
10/July/2004 Cherrance & Trish's wedding  


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